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Attention Butte-Silver Bow Voters!

During the month of January, voters who did NOT vote in the November 2018 General election will receive a notice from the Clerk & Recorder’s Office. This notice serves the following purposes:

  1. Ensures we have the correct voting information for the voter;

  2. Verifies that the voter is still a resident of Butte-Silver Bow and confirms we have correct residential and mailing addresses; and

  3. Provides the voter the opportunity to retain an active status in voting registration.

Voters not returning the requested information voting status changes from ACTIVE to INACTIVE. These voters are still eligible to vote and if they do so, the status changes back to ACTIVE. If these voters do not vote in the next Federal General Election (November 2020), their status changes from INACTIVE to CANCELLED.

Voters can be assured this is an official request from the local election administrator (and not a political party or action group) because the letter will have the return address of the Clerk and Recorder in Butte – 155 West Granite St., Room 208.

Anyone with questions, can contact the Clerk & Recorder’s Office by email (clerkrec@bsb.mt.gov), phone (406)-497-6344, or stop by the office (Room 208, Courthouse).


Call, email, or stop by our office to see if you are registered to vote or if you are still on the Absentee ballot list.  You can also check by using the MVP, My Voter Page link in the right hand column.

Click on this link and fill out the Absentee List Application, return it to the Clerk & Recorder’s Office and we will add you. You may apply to vote absentee through November 5 at noon. After that time, you must vote at the polls on November 6, 7:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m. (Butte and Ramsay precincts; Rocker, Divide, and Melrose precinct polls are open from noon to 8:00 p.m.).

You can use the Change Absentee Ballot Status form to receive an absentee ballot for a specific election, add or remove your name from the annual absentee ballot list, designate someone to pickup your ballot, or request a ballot due to a health emergency.

We begin mailing out absentee ballots for the November Primary on October 12. You can track when we mail your ballot and when we receive and process your ballot with the MVP application which you can download to your phone or computer. This application is available in the right hand column of this page or by going to sos.mt.gov.

2019 Voting Schedule:

December 13, 2018  – Filing Begins for Special Elections (Volunteer Fire Districts, Water/Sewer Districts, School Districts)

February 11 – Filing and Withdrawal from Candidacy ends

March 4 - Write-In Candates deadline

April 8 - Regular Voter Registration closes

April 9 - Late Registration begins

May 7 - Election Day

My Voter Page (MVP) – There’s an app for that! (Android or Apple)  If you would like to know your precinct, your voting status (active or inactive), the status of your absentee ballot, the last time you voted, download this app.  Search “my Voter page Montana”.  It is also available on for your computer. 

Montana Voter Forms 

Register to Vote

Absentee Ballot Application

Federal Post Card Application for absent military and overseas citizens

Sample Ballot Form (June 2018 Primary)
(Ballots will vary based on districts, call or stop by the Clerk and Recorders office for more details)

Where to Vote

  • For primary (June) and general (November) elections, voters living in Rocker, Ramsay, Divide, or Melrose will vote in their respective city.
  • In Butte, voting takes place at the Civic Center.
  • Voters living outside of the city limits who are unsure what precinct they are in should check with the Clerk & Recorder's Office to see where they should vote.
  • For information on obtaining an absentee ballot or precinct information, please call 406-497-6342.


  • Precincts 1 through 22 vote at the Butte Civic Center
  • Precincts 19W, 26E and 26W vote in Rocker
  • Precincts 27N and 27S vote in Ramsay
  • Precinct 28 votes in Divide
  • Precinct 29 votes in Melrose

Voting Hours

  • Civic Center and Ramsay polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.
  • Rocker, Divide, and Melrose polls open at noon and close at 8 p.m.


Each candidate for office must affirm when filing that they meet (or will meet within constitutional and statutory deadlines) the qualifications prescribed by the Constitution and laws of the United States, the State of Montana, and if filing for a local seat, the Charter of Butte-Silver Bow.

Candidates should refer to the Commissioner of Political Practice for candidate financial reporting information and forms to ensure their name appears on the ballot.


  • School Filing (Election Date 5/7/2019) - Filing begins 12/13/2018
  • Special District Filing (Election Date 5/7/2019) - Filing begins 12/13/18


  • School Filing (Election Date 5/7/2019) - Closing date 3/28/2019; 5:00 pm
  • Special District Filing (Election date 5/7/2019) - Closing date 2/11/2019; 5:00 pm

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