Upcoming Events

Terrific Tree Trimmers:

We will meet every Thursday from 12pm-2pm starting April 5th and going until May 10th. Every week, we meet at a designated location to discuss proper pruning techniques and then perfect our skills by pruning Butte’s public street trees. This week (4/5) I plan to meet outside the community enrichment office (25 W. Front St) for some pruning demonstrations, and then work on maintaining some nearby street trees.

This is an awesome service-learning group for anyone that wants to learn how to prune their own trees utilizing ISA Standards of Pruning, and assist in keeping our Urban Forest healthy, green and maintained! If anyone would rather perform this work themselves, they can let us know by calling 465-4433. Their name and address will be recorded and the tree in front of their residence will be skipped.

I do ask that everyone brings their own pruning equipment! We do not have extra tool within the department yet. We provide high visibility vests which will have to be worn due to the fact that most of our tree work is in close proximity to busier streets.