Chelsea Bailey Animal Shelter

 The Chelsea Bailey Animal Shelter is not currently open to the public except by appointment only.

 Wildfire smoke and animals

As the smoke continues to fill the skies in and around Butte, please remember that it effects your pets as much as it does all of us.

If you notice that your pet is having trouble breathing, coughing, sneezing or wheezing, or if you notice increased squinting, redness or a discharge from your dog or cats eyes, please contact your local Veterinarian and discuss care options with them.

Please allow your pet time outside to go to the bathroom and then bring them back into the house with you. Ensure that you provide fresh water and a comfortable place for your furry friend to relax.

Again, contact your local Veterinarian if you have questions regarding the care of your family pet.

The Butte-Silver Bow Animal Service Department thanks you for the great care you give your animals.

For more information you can contact Animal Services at 497-6525

The B-SB Animal Services Department is pleased to announce that Butte-Silver Bow's Rabies vaccination ordinance (6.04.170). Effective September 4, 2019 has amended the ordinance and will recognize the rabies vaccinations using the following criteria:

1. The first antirabies vaccine shall be administered when the dog or cat is 12 weeks of age;

2. All subsequent antirabies vaccinations should be administered every thirty-six months for the life of the animal;

3. Animals who have never received an antirabies vaccination or animals who have no documented history of receiving an antirabies vaccination should have anirabies administered immediately; and a second antirabies vaccines administered at twelve months thereafter; and subsequent antirabies vaccinations every thirty-six months for the life of the animal. 

If you have any questions about your pets vaccination records please consult your veterinarian. 


The Chelsea Bailey Butte-Silver Bow Animal Shelter is a non-profit, county-supported facility. We are primarily open for adoptions, education and Animal Control pick-ups. We are taking owner surrenders on a case-by-case basis. Please call ahead before bringing in animals as space is limited.

We are here to educate the public about the importance of spaying and neutering, proper animal care and the responsibility of pet ownership.

Thank you from our Shelter Staff and all our wonderful animals!


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