Law Enforcement

Civil Processing

Paper Serving

The Butte Silver Bow County Sheriff’s Office serves many types of civil papers including but not limited to summons, court orders, subpoenas, no contact orders, orders of protection, 3-day / 30-day notices, evictions, writ of executions, writ of assistance, foreclosures, papers relating to parenting plans, papers relating to dissolution of marriages, notices of sheriff’s sales, notice of trustee’s sales and various miscellaneous papers.

Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement Department: Civil Processing
  1. Civil Clerk

    Physical Address
    225 North Alaska St.
    Butte, MT 59701

    General Information: 406-497-1120, ext. 3


    Monday - Friday
    7 a.m. - 5 p.m.

We serve a wide variety of papers for Butte-Silver Bow Government as well as several state agencies such as State of Montana Child Support Enforcement Services, Montana Department of Labor and Industry, Montana Unemployment Insurance, and the Montana Department of Transportation.

Processing of Legal Papers

The staff in the civil office handles processing of legal papers that are given to an officer to serve. Fees are to be paid in advance.

Fees for Serving Civil Papers

Paper Service
Attempted service for a person not found in the county
Notary fee for civil papers that need to be notarized
Trial of the right of property or damages
Writ of Attachment
Writ of Execution
Writ of Possession or Restitution

For any paper not mentioned, please call the civil process clerk at 406-497-1185.

All civil papers must be accompanied by a signed praecipe with a valid physical address given for service. P.O. boxes or mailboxes, etc. will not be accepted and your papers will be returned. We cannot act on verbal instructions. We will need the original copy (stamped by the courts) and the appropriate copies for the number of defendants being served.

Pauper’s Papers

Persons who are unable to pay service fees must submit a “pauper’s paper” or “inability to pay” order from the court along with their documents.

Request Paper Service

The Butte-Silver Bow Sheriff’s Office will attempt each service as soon as possible. Our officers also have other duties that take precedence over civil process service. Please note that we are not attorneys and will not, and do not, give advice. Our regular business office hours are on Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Please send your papers that need to be served along with the praecipe and a business check (no personal checks) or money order in the correct amount to:

Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement
Attention: Civil Processing
225 North Alaska St.
Butte, MT 59701

If you should have any further questions please contact the civil process clerk, 406-497-1185, or by email.

External Resources

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