Butte-Anaconda National Historical Park & Local Heritage Area Initiative

Creating A Nationally Significant Destination . . . that would increase customer flow to existing local attractions and business has long been a dream in Butte. Over fifty other communities in the nation have made that dream a reality. “Heritage Tourist; Come, Stop, Stay, and Spend in the culture of the communities they choose to immerse themselves in.” Heritage Tourism Consultant, 2012 in Butte.

History of the Initiative

  • Butte-Anaconda National Historic Landmark District was declared a National Historic Landmark.
  • Representative from National Park Service visited the District and recommended National Park Service not get involved because of the uncertainty of the status of the Superfund Site.
  • Butte-Anaconda National Historic Landmark District was expanded; an attempt was made at creating a Regional National Heritage Area.
  • Heritage Tourism Consultants Came To Butte presented the Heritage Tourism Plan
  • Fred Quivik gave a presentation in Butte on the Keweenaw National Historical Park Model.
  • The Butte Historical Society submitted a Request to the B-SB City-County Government, to request the creation of a National Heritage Area.
  • The B-SB Government sent a Request to the Montana Congressional Delegation.
  • Senators Tester and Walsh sent Requests to the NPS Director for a NPS National Heritage Aarea Special Resources Study.
  • Director of National Park Service Responded.
  • The then B-SB CEO informed the National Heritage Area group that the B-SB Government would not support a National Heritage Area Initiative.
  • A year was spent at a second attempt to garner support for the creation of a region approach.
  • Butte Historical Society decided to seek funding for an Assessment Conference, now holding grant commitments and contributions totaling $12,000, to put on a conference.
  • Butte Local Development Corporation called together an instigating cluster.
  • An Official B-SB Butter Heritage Committee has been formed.
  • The Current Federal Administration pulled the funding for the National Heritage Area Program stating that this is a function of the local community.
  • The B-SB Butte Heritage Committee is now focused on creating a National Historical Park and continuing the development of a Local Heritage Area.

In Summation;

  • The Consent Agreement for the Supper Fund remediation and restoration hopefully will be finalized shortly.
  •  It is time to start looking to the future.
  • The Keweenaw National Historical Park Model’s Key Ideas are;
    • All working together to create and provide a Park Like Experience
    • The Federal Government not involved with Local Heritage Area
    • The Federal Government Park Units, that are owned and operated by the NPS, are only the building sites on which the NPS's interpretive centers and offices are located
    • The NPS is not competing with the local attractions, but assisting in creating a greater customer flow to existent local attractions and business

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