Law Enforcement

Detective Division


The detective division is under the supervision of the investigative captain. The primary responsibility of the detective division is to work felony crimes that occur within our jurisdiction. This would include crimes against persons such as homicide, sexual assault, and assault; and property crimes such as burglary, theft, and auto theft. Criminal drug offenses are also investigated through this division. The detective division includes six case detectives.

  1. Detective Division

Felony Crimes

Felony crimes are initially reported to the patrol officer who has responded to the incident location to speak with the reporting party. The responding officer will complete an initial report to document the crime. After review, felony crimes are assigned to a detective based on the information available. Within a short time following the case assignment, the assigned case detective will contact the reporting party to initiate the investigation. Any felony crime not assigned to a detective will be investigated by the patrol officer who initially responded. The law enforcement department investigates all felony crimes to the best of our ability.

Crime Prevention Officer

The crime prevention officer (CPO) is under the supervision of the investigative captain. The CPO works closely with the community and community groups to promote public safety and to offer training to the public as it relates to public safety. The CPO provides an avenue for citizens to provide information to the law enforcement department regarding crimes and criminal activity. The CPO works very closely with the case detectives to ensure that information received from the community is provided to the detective assigned to work the crime.