Operations Division

The Operations Division is the most visible element of our Police Department. the Operations Division consists of uniformed sworn Officers who are assigned as Patrol Officers, School Resource Officers, a Housing Authority Officer, Traffic Enforcement Officers, and a K-9 Officer. These Officers represent the department and interact with our community on a daily basis

  1. Timothy McMahon


  2. Chris Berger


Patrol Officers

Patrol Officers currently work a 12 hour schedule and shifts are covered 24/7. Officers are assigned to the Day Shift and Graveyard Shift. Each shift is supervised by a Lieutenant. The Lieutenant is assisted by Sergeants. Patrol Officers respond to calls for service, enforce local and state laws, conduct criminal investigations, apprehend criminals, and take on a myriad of other duties as directed by the Sheriff.

School Resource Officers

The Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement works collaboratively with Butte School District #1 to provide two School Resource Officers. Butte School District #1 assists in funding for these positions and is committed to promoting a positive relationship between our department and the children and parents of our community. SROs are uniformed sworn Officers who are assigned specifically to the public schools of Butte. They provide a point of contact for our youth. Being assigned to the schools allows them to get to know our students and be a positive face for our department.

The duties of our SROs include providing a safe and secure environment for our children, investigating crimes within the schools and related to school functions, and assisting school teachers and administrators to provide a peaceful focused educational experience. SROs are also visible at school activities such as sporting events, dances, and other school related functions.

SROs receive additional training to better serve our students. SROs use this training to provided educational presentations on building safety, active shooter incidents, and a variety of other law enforcement topics related to our youth.

Public Housing Authority Officer

The Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement Department works collaboratively with the Butte-Silver Bow Housing Authority to provide a uniformed sworn Officer assigned specifically to Housing Authority properties. The Officer assigned to Public Housing is responsible for patrolling Housing Authority properties both in vehicle and on foot patrols, protecting the tenants living on Housing Authority properties, assisting Housing Authority management with their duties, conducting criminal investigations on Housing Authority property, and apprehending criminals.

The Housing Authority Officer is able to get to know tenants and their families and create a positive tenant to law enforcement relationship. Building those relationships invests the Officer in the tenants which in turn fosters an investment in tenants to improve Housing Authority properties.

Traffic Enforcement Officers

The goal of traffic enforcement is to provide safe travel to both the citizens of Butte-Silver Bow and our visitors. Our Traffic Enforcement Officers conduct traffic stops when violations occur, conduct criminal investigations resulting from these contacts with people, issue citations as needed, provide a visible presence on our roadways, respond to traffic accidents, and conduct traffic accident investigations. Traffic Officers also provide escorts for funerals, parades, and other activities as directed by the Sheriff.