Delinquent Tax Process

For information on tax liens from 2015 or prior, please refer to Montana Code Annotated, Title 15, Chapters 16, 17, and 18. For information on tax liens/tax deed from 2016 going forward, please refer to House Bill 18. For more information on the tax lien/tax deed process, please also refer to House Bill 23 from the 2021 legislative session.

 It is the responsibility of the interested person/assignee to conduct their own research of the delinquent tax process prior to purchasing any assignments. If you have questions in regard to tax liens/tax deed processes, please consult an attorney. The Butte-Silver Bow Treasurer’s office will not provide legal advice of any kind.

 The Butte-Silver Bow Treasurer's office does not conduct Tax Lien Assignment business during the tax season months of November and May of each year. Tax sale assignment business resumes when the processing of current postmarked mail is complete.

Fees associated with the purchase of Tax Liens are as follows: 

Assignment Fee $65.00

Treasurer’s Cost for Tax Deed $25.00 

Redemption of an Assignment $25.00