Inmate Mail & Money

Inmate Mail & Money

Incoming mail must list the full name and address of the sender and the intended receiver. All mail should include:

Inmate's Full Name
C/O Butte Detention Center
155 W. Quartz St.
Butte, MT 59701

Inmate mail is subject to inspection. The mail will be checked for contraband, money, escape plans or any material that may be jeopardize the security of the facility. Inmates may receive written letters and standard photographs. Mail or publications containing images or depictions of sexual situations, nudity or sexual acts are prohibited.

Mail Restrictions

Mail cannot contain:

  • Intimidating or harassing material
  • Gang writings or drawings
  • Plans that violation jail rules
  • Plans to send contraband in or out of the facility

Inmates may receive books, some publications, and some board games directly from the manufacturer. Please call 406-497-1040 for more details.

Phone Calls

Inmates cannot receive phone calls while in jail. Inmates can call collect and/or purchase prepaid calling cards from the commissary.


Inmates are able to purchase a variety of items from the commissary (candy, snacks, beverages etc.) provided they have the funds to purchase these items. When money is placed on an inmate's account the booking fee and medical copay fees are first satisfied. Any money that is left over can be used to purchase items from the commissary. Revenue generated by the commissary program is used to purchase items and services for the inmates. Such purchases include TVs, cable, newspaper, board games, indigent supplies, and so on.