Transportation Committee

Per Montana Code Annotated (MCA), 20-10-132, it is the duty of the county transportation committee to:

  • (a) establish the transportation service areas within the county, without regard to district boundary lines, for each district that operates a school bus transportation program;
  • (b) except as provided in subsection (2), approve, disapprove, or adjust the school bus routes submitted by the trustees of each district in conformity with the transportation service areas established in subsection (1)(a);
  • (c) approve, disapprove, or adjust applications, approved by the trustees, for increased reimbursements for individual transportation because of isolated conditions of the eligible transportee's residence;
  • (d) conduct hearings to establish the facts of transportation controversies that have been appealed from the decision of the trustees and act on the appeals on the basis of the facts established at the hearing; and
  • (e) determine if geographic conditions make it impractical for a child to attend school in the district of residence, in accordance with 20-5-321(1)(b).
  • (2) In an emergency situation, a temporary bus route change may be approved by the county superintendent. A bus route change approved by the county superintendent must be confirmed by the county transportation committee within 30 days in order to be continued for a period longer than 30 days.
  • (3) When the county transportation committee reviews a request for a new bus route or a change to an existing route, the committee shall consider the following:
  • (a) a map of the existing and proposed bus route;
  • (b) a description of turnarounds;
  • (c) conditions affecting safety;
  • (d) the total mileage and change in mileage of the affected bus route;
  • (e) the approximate total cost;
  • (f) reasons for the proposed bus route change;
  • (g) the number of children to be served;
  • (h) a copy of the official minutes of the meeting at which the school trustees approved the new bus route or route change; and
  • (i) any other information that the county transportation committee considers relevant.
  • (4) When an application for increased reimbursement for individual transportation is presented to the county transportation committee, it must include a signed individual transportation contract and a copy of the official minutes of the meeting at which the trustees acted upon the request for increased reimbursement.
  • (5) After a factfinding hearing and decision on a transportation controversy, the trustees or a patron of the district may appeal the decision to the superintendent of public instruction who shall issue a decision on the basis of the facts established at the county transportation committee hearing.

Per MCA 20-10-131:

  • (1) To coordinate the orderly provision of a uniform transportation program within a county, there must be a county transportation committee created in each county of the state of Montana. The membership of the committee consists of:
  • (a) the county superintendent;
  • (b) the presiding officer of the board of county commissioners or a member of the board designated by the presiding officer;
  • (c) except for a K-12 school district, a trustee or district employee designated by the trustees of each high school district of the county;
  • (d) one representative from each high school district of the county who is a trustee of an elementary district encompassed within the high school district and who has been selected at a meeting of the trustees of the elementary districts;
  • (e) two representatives of each K-12 school district of the county, each of whom is either a trustee or a district employee designated by the trustees; and
  • (f) a representative of a district of another county when the transportation services of the district are affected by the actions of the county transportation committee, but the representative has a voice only in matters affecting transportation within the district or by the district.
  • (2) The county transportation committee must have at least five members, and if this minimum membership cannot be realized in the manner prescribed in subsections (1)(a) through (1)(e), the county superintendent shall appoint a sufficient number of members to satisfy the minimum membership requirement.
  • (3) The county superintendent is the presiding officer of the county transportation committee, and a quorum is a majority of the membership. A quorum must be present for the committee to conduct business. The committee shall meet on the call of the presiding officer or any three members of the committee.


  • Meets as needed. Refer to the calendar or this site for updates
  • Please Note the next meeting is set for Monday, July 27, 2015 at 10:30 a.m. in the Butte-Silver Bow Courthouse, Room 3:15

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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