Misdemeanor Offense Information

     All criminal cases filed in Butte City Court are misdemeanors.  A misdemeanor is an offense punishable by or no more than 1 year in jail and no more than a $1,500 fine.  Most of the charges filed in this court carry a maximum penalty of 6 months in jail and a $500 fine.  The Judge will inform you of the minimum and maximum penalties for your specific charge(s) when you appear in court.  Convictions for traffic violations are reported to the Montana Department of Justice Motor Vehicle Division.   

     It may be possible for you to pay the fine without appearing before the Judge.  For information on paying a fine without appearing before the Judge, call (406) 497-6365.

     Certain offenses can be paid by mail.  However, because of penalties required, you may not mail in payment if you have a “must appear” charge.  Please call the court to inquire if you charge is a must appear.

    To mail payment, send a cashiers check or money order to:

Butte City Court
155 West Granite Street- #401
Butte, MT  59701

     Please write your ticket number on your payment or enclose a copy of the ticket.

     Butte City Court is located on the 4th floor, room 401, of the Butte-Silver Bow County Courthouse.