Zoning Ordinance Update


Butte-Silver Bow is currently in the process of conducting a comprehensive audit and rewrite of the Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 17 of the Butte-Silver Bow Municipal Code). The city-county has contracted with Orion Planning + Design, a planning consulting firm which specializes in zoning code updates. The same consultants completed the 2020 Butte-Silver Bow Comprehensive Plan, which set the scene for the current zoning update.


Some goals and objectives of the Zoning Ordinance update are to...

  • Generate a more organized, clear, user-friendly Zoning Ordinance
  • Modernize zoning regulations and best practices to guide and incentivize positive development
  • Reconnect zoning with historic land use development patterns and the unique character of Butte and surrounding communities
  • Align zoning districts with the Comprehensive Plan 


June 2023: Finalize audit report, generate annotated outline of code reorganization, draft work plan for code update. 

August 2023: Drafting new code begins.

Ongoing 2023:  Evaluate legislative outcomes and their impact on code drafting, drafting continues.

January 2024: First draft of code complete.

January 2024: Stakeholder and public engagement begins.