Reclamation & Environmental Services

Superfund Designation in Butte

In 1983, the Butte Area was declared a Federal Superfund Site. The Superfund designation paved the way for remediation and restoration of the environment throughout western Montana damaged by a century of mining and smelting in Butte and Anaconda, Montana. 

Butte & Silver Bow County Sites

Butte Area National Priority List Site
Butte Priority Soils
Mine Flooding (Berkeley Pit)
Streamside Tailings
Warm Springs Ponds
West Side Soils 
Rocker Timber Framing 
Rhone-Poulenc/Rhodia Site
Montana Pole Treatment Plant National Priority List Site

Environmental Restoration & Redevelopment 

In recent years, our department has collaborated with the local government to redevelop the reclaimed environment by completing historic interpretation, identifying opportunities for new land use, and connecting the public to these areas via parks and trails.

Our department is also the recipient of State of Montana Natural Resource Damage Funds, which are used to further diversify reclaimed areas with locally cultivated native trees, shrubs, forbs, and grasses.  

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Butte Priority Soils Community Engagement Plan 

The Butte Priority Soils Community Engagement Plan for Remedial Design and Remedial Action is available here.

Learn about the Medical Monitoring Report!

Check out the video embedded below to learn more about the recent Medical Monitoring Report. A panel discussion with members of the Medical Monitoring Report committee was held May 24, 2021, on Facebook Live. Follow the link to watch a recording of the Panel Discussion and hear the participants address questions.

The full Phase II report is located on EPA’s website at: