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Program Goals and Objectives

The mission of the Retail Food and Consumer Safety Program is to provide public health protection through the delivery of technical services, education and training, information, and enforcement of health protection standards throughout Silver Bow County.

The goal is to reduce the incidence of diseases and the occurrence of unhealthful conditions in Silver Bow County's retail food service, wholesale food, public accommodations, pools, spas, and other institutions which serve the public.

Online Retail Food and Consumer Safety Complaint Form

If you have a complaint related to retail food or consumer safety, you can submit your complaint to the Health Department online using the link below:

Warm Weather Has Finally Arrived!

It's the season for picnics, cookouts, and other outdoor parties.  But eating outdoors in warm weather presents a food safety challenge.  Bacteria in food multiply faster at temperatures between 41°F and 135°F, so summer heat makes the basics of food safety especially important.  The following are simple steps that consumers can take to keep family and friends from becoming ill.

Click Here For Barbecue Safety Guidelines

Keeping Food Safe At Home