Program Goals and Objectives

Buckle Up Montana is designed to raise the general public's understanding and knowledge of the benefits of seat belt usage, child restraints and Montana's seat belt laws. 

  • Between 2008 and 2012, 1064 drivers and passengers died in vehicle crashes on Montana's roads
    • 64% of those people were not wearing their seat belts
  • Single vehicle run-off the road crashes resulted in 72% of the fatalities in Montana during this same period
  • Most of the run-off the road fatalities were due to vehicle occupants not wearing or improperly wearing seat belts

Workplaces and Seat Belts

We Care Buckle Up
You can remind your employees and customers to buckle up.  The Butte-Silver Bow County Buckle Up Montana Coalition is offering these FREE "We Care- Buckle Up" parking lot signs to area businesses.  The are printed on aluminum and suitable for posting outdoors.

To order a sign, contact:
Mary Jo Stosich at 406-497-5087


Child Passenger Safety

Child Car Seat
Children aged 4 to 8 who are properly restrained in Belt Positioning Booster seats were 45% less likely to sustain injuries than similarly aged children who were using the vehicle seat belt.
Journal of Pediatrics

Studies have shown that car seats significantly lower the risk of serious injury in children. Incapacitating injuries among children under 8 years old was almost three times higher for unrestrained children. In side impact collisions, where the child was seated on the side of the vehicle that was struck, unrestrained children were eight times more likely to suffer an incapacitating injury than restrained children. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Find Out if your child's safety seat is installed correctly