Building & Code

Building Guidelines and Permitting

Butte-Silver Bow building guidelines help to assure the safety of the public through the proper use of property within the City and County.

Commercial building projects in Butte-Silver Bow generally must follow the International Building Code (2012 Edition), or IBC. Note that other local and state laws amend some parts of the IBC and/or require that additional codes are also followed. Also note that, while a newer 2015 edition of the IBC is available, Butte-Silver Bow Municipal Code currently mandates the use of the IBC, 2012 edition. Details on all codes adopted by Butte-Silver Bow can be found in Butte-Silver Bow Municipal Code, Title 15.

For more information on building guidelines and requirements, contact the Building and Code Enforcement Office at (406) 497-6210 or by email, or visit the office on the first floor of the Butte Courthouse, Room 108, 155 W Granite St.

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