Public Hearing Procedures

A Public Hearing is an opportunity for the public to offer comments on the record regarding any matter which is the subject of the public hearing. All public hearings are announced in local media and on this website at least several days prior to the scheduled date of the hearing. The Council of Commissioners appreciates your thoughts and comments. Here are some simple steps to walk you through a public hearing:

  • When you give your comments, try to state new points of testimony only. If you wish to agree with points already made, you should simply say so.
  • All witnesses shall sign the witness sheet before presenting testimony.
  • In the event that a member of the public requests answers to specific questions, his or her request will be submitted to the clerk to be forwarded to Council for future review. A public hearing is an opportunity to be heard on the record, however, there is no dialogue during a public hearing.
  • In the interest of time, so all parties may speak, please try to keep comments to a maximum of 3 minutes.
  • Please conduct yourself in a respectable manner. Booing, clapping or other disruptive behavior is not acceptable in Council Chambers.

Public Hearing Process

  1. The Chair will read the public hearing section and ask for verification of proof of publication
  2. Council Chair will then open the public hearing.
  3. Proponents will present testimony. The Chair will call for Proponents three times. All citizens coming to the microphone must give their name and address for the record.
  4. Opponents will present testimony. The Chair will call for Opponents three times.
  5. The Chair will close the public hearing for the Council Bill or Resolution or Other Matter which is the subject of the public hearing after everyone has given their testimony.
  6. Written copies of the testimony may also be submitted to the clerk on duty.

Citizens can also submit comments of record for any matter before the Council currently open for public comment by using the contact form on the Butte-Silver Bow website. Refer to the page How to Submit Online Comments for Public Record for details on the process and requirements for submitting public comments online.