2016 Transportation Plan

Butte Silver Bow's Ten Year Transportation Plan Update

To provide a unified transportation vision that supports future growth in the Butte and Silver Bow County area, the City-County of Butte-Silver Bow and the Montana Department of Transportation partnered to update the existing Transportation Plan. Communities typically update their transportation plans when conditions in the planning area have significantly changed (following rapid growth for example) or a large portion of previously recommended projects have been completed. Historically, Butte-Silver Bow Transportation Plans have been compiled and updated every 10 years; the last Transportation Plan was completed in 2005. These plans help identify funding priorities for near and long-term transportation infrastructure investments in the community based on current and projected needs.

The 2016 update to the Transportation Plan is intended to offer guidance to support future growth in our area and includes an analysis of the existing traffic operations, road networks, transit services, non-motorized transportation systems, and other transportation systems. It also examines current socioeconomic conditions and projected trends, identifies needed improvements to the transportation system, provides an alternatives analysis, and offers recommendations in the form of improvement projects geared to address the communities’ evolving transportation needs. Implementing elements of this 2016 Plan Update will help relieve existing problems, meet future needs, and sustain an integrated and efficient transportation system for the area.

Transportation Plan Final - 2016