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Animal Services

  1. Butte Animal Shelter Online Adoption Application
  2. Cat Matchmaking Form

    "No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat." - Leo Dworkin

  3. Lost Animal Report

    Please help to provide your information and your pets information for the shelter to help be informed of lost pets.

  4. Volunteer Application

    Interested in volunteering at the animal shelter? Please fill out our application along with the contact form and printed consent... More…

  1. Butte-Silver Bow Animal Services Department: Voluntary Statement
  2. Dog Matchmaking Form

    "A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than it loves itself " - Josh Billings

  3. Report an Animal Related Complaint or Incident

    Use the following form to report an issue to Animal Control.


  1. Archives Room Rental Request Form

    To request the usage of one of the Butte-Silver Bow Archives rooms, please fill out this form with your information. A member of the... More…

  2. Volunteer Form

    Please fill out this form to be contacted about volunteering at the Archives.

  1. Butte Archives Request Research Assistance

    Anyone with a curiosity about Butte and Silver Bow County or anyone who wants to research their family roots is welcome to take... More…

Chief Executive

  1. Contact the Chief Executive

    Please use this space to contact the Chief Executive.

Clerk and Recorder

  1. Absentee List Address Confirmation

    You may use this form if the Silver Bow County Election Administrator asked you to confirm your Absentee Ballot Mailing Address AND... More…

Council of Commissioners

  1. Request a Council of Commissioners Agenda, Minutes or Communication Document

    Fill out this form to request an Agenda, Minutes, or Communication Document.

  1. Webex Distance Council Meeting Training

    This form is to ascertain when you would be available for training to learn how to use Webex to meet as a council from a distance.

Employee Portal

  1. ID Request Form

    Please Use this form to request a New ID or update a current ID.

  1. IT New Employee Request

    Please fill out this form to request permissions and access for new employees.

Extension Service

  1. Report a Tree

    Use this form to let us know about a tree that need pruning.


  1. Contact Butte-Silver Bow

    A general contact form to submit questions and comments to Butte-Silver Bow. Messages automatically direct to the MIS Department, which... More…

  2. Request a Bid Package or Procurement Information

    Use this form to request complete bid packages and supporting documents or information regarding any publicly advertised invitation for... More…

  3. Submit a Calendar Event

    Use this form to submit community and public event listings for the Butte-Silver Bow web calendar.

  1. Contact Council of Commissioners

    A general contact form to submit questions and comments to the Butte-Silver Bow Council of Commissioners.

  2. Street Light Problem Form

    Use this form to submit a request or report a problem with a street light


  1. Butte-Silver Bow Consumer Complaint Form

    Form for complaints from consumers within Silver Bow County. Complaints regarding retail food service establishments, wholesale food,... More…

Historic Preservation

  1. Request Information about Historic Preservation Programs, Incentives, and Requsts

    Fill out this form to request information about Historic Preservation programs, incentives, and requests.

Parks and Recreation

  1. BSB Santa's Calling - 2023

    The Butte Silver-Bow Parks and Recreation Department and Candy Kane Communications have teamed up to connect a direct phone line to... More…

  2. Request for Financial Assistance for Ridge Waters Waterpark

    Ridge Water will be offering sponsorships for low-income families. These sponsorships will be limited and will be awarded on a... More…

  1. Report Damage

    Use this form to report damage to a Butte-Silver Bow Parks Facility or Request an Additional Amenity

  2. Volleyball Recreation Activity Release Form

    Vball Recreation Activity Release Form

Public Works


    The Public Works Department has a volunteer program to assist residents who cannot clear their sidewalks on their own and who meet... More…

  2. Report a Pothole

    Use this form to let us know about a pothole

  3. Report Street or Traffic Sign Damage

    Use this form to let Report Street or Traffic Sign Damage

  1. Report a Metro Sewer Problem

    Use this form to let us know about a Metro Sewer Problem

  2. Report a Water Main Problem

    Use this form to let us know about a Metro Sewer Problem

  3. Request a Stop Sign Installation

    Use this form to let Request a Stop Sign Installation

Special Projects

  1. Contractor Information

    Some statement must renew every year. Purpose of list: To receive e-notification of current requests of quotes (equipment and... More…

Superfund Advisory

  1. Superfund Commentary

    For for the public to submit comments to the Authority, Jon Sesso, Julia Crain


  1. Report a Weed Problem

    Please fill out this form to report a Weed Problem within our County