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1. What are the dates of the federal primary and general elections?
2. What are the dates of municipal primary and general elections?
3. What are the deadlines for the close of regular registration for the federal primary and general elections?
4. Do I have to vote in a primary election in order to vote in the general election?
5. Where can I find information about school elections?
6. How can I find my Commissioner or my precinct?
7. What ID do I have to show when I vote at the polls?
8. What if I forget my ID when I vote at the polls?
9. How do I register, update my registration, find out if my registration is still on file, or find out the location of my polling place?
10. What is late registration and what are the dates that it opens and closes?
11. Does Montana have “early voting”? Does Montana have in-person absentee voting before election day? When does it start?
12. Who can vote absentee in Montana?
13. How do I request an absentee ballot?
14. When are the first and last days to request an absentee ballot?
15. What if I become ill and will not make it to the polls on election day?
16. Are there voting systems in Montana that are equipped for people with disabilities?
17. What agency should I contact if I have campaign questions and/or campaign finance questions? Where do I file my campaign reporting forms?
18. Where can I find my polling place?
19. I moved within the last year, do I need to re-register?